About Us

About Us

Welcome to NeuromedCA Inc. - Empowering Neurological Health, Anywhere, Anytime.

At NeuromedCA Inc., we are dedicated to transforming the way you approach neurological studies. As a leading provider of mobile nerve conduction testing services, we bring comprehensive assessments directly to you, ensuring convenience and accuracy.

Our team of Doctors as skilled professionals is committed to unraveling the complexities of the nervous system and empowering individuals to prioritize their neurological wellness. With advanced technology and personalized care, we provide accurate results and guide you towards informed decisions about your well-being for you patients.

We understand that accessing quality neurological health care should be easy and hassle-free. That's why our mobile services eliminate the need for travel and lengthy wait times for your patients. We bring the expertise and equipment to your doorstep, making assessments accessible and convenient.

Our impact goes beyond individual care. Through collaborations with healthcare providers and institutions, we strive to advance the field of nerve conduction testing and promote a proactive approach to your patients health.

Discover the possibilities of empowered neurological wellness with NeuromedCA Inc. Contact us today to schedule your mobile assessment and take the first step towards optimizing your patients neurological health.

Welcome to Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility, NeuromedCA Inc.

Our Mission

At NeuromedCA Inc., our mission is to empower healthcare providers with accessible and accurate to Nerve Conduction, EMG and SSEP testing. We revolutionize neurological health by providing convenient assessments that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Join us in prioritizing your neurological studies and embracing a future where comprehensive testing is at your office.

Our Vision

At NeuromedCA Inc., our vision is to empower healthcare providers in the State of California to prioritize and enhance their patients neurological wellness. We strive to make comprehensive nerve conduction testing accessible and seamless, enabling everyone to take control of their neurological health. Join us as we shape a future where empowered studies is within reach for all.


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